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AutoSPRINK vs. The Competition
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AutoSPRINK® VR is stand-alone Fire Protection software for the Microsoft® Windows family of operating systems. This powerful software from MEPCAD, Inc. signals a revolutionary approach to fire sprinkler systems.  Based on a myriad of new concepts, ideas and composition methods, AutoSPRINK® VR is causing designers to rethink the possibilities of fire sprinkler systems.

- Perform hydraulic calculations in seconds.
- Find worst-case remote areas with live results as you drag a remote area boundary across your drawing.
- Instantly see the effects of pipe size changes in our patented “Optimizer”. When satisfied, apply those changes to your drawing with the touch of a button. AutoSPRINK even calculates in real time through pipe in externally referenced files!

With the introduction of AutoSPRINK® VR, BIM sprinkler system design has finally achieved its potential.  The tool for the 21st century is available now.  This is the future of BIM.  See for yourself. Check our Request a Live Demo  page.

View the quality of plotted AutoSPRINK® drawings
To view or download the full quality drawings in pdf format, click the image above.
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AutoSPRINK features

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From Joe Reghetti, CEO

Founder of M.E.P.CAD, Inc.
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Indecisive? Before you spend another dime on fire protection software you need to read this message from someone who has been in your shoes and did something about it!

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