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Thank you to our trusted customers who have awaited this release, which comes at the brink of 2021. AutoSPRINK 2020 is brimming with new functionality that helps users save on design time and create more detailed, comprehensive drawings.

The Parts Profile is one of our biggest changes. We highly recommend users watch this short video to learn the basics of how this tool can streamline the use of parts in the AutoSPRINK database.

Another big change in AutoSPRINK 2020 is the FAB Cloud, which is a new pane that allows designers to export, send, and track jobs ready for fabrication all within the AutoSPRINK interface.

Additionally, this release includes PDFs with vector based elements, Hanger Assembly options, a new Training pane where users can watch training videos in the AutoSPRINK interface, Auto Ortho snaps that automatically rotate the direction of pipe, new pipe label spacing options, and updates to the news pane, Parts Picker, Bill of Materials, Sprinkler properties, Cloud tool, and more.

It is because of the diligent work of our beta users that this release is ready. Thank you for assuring our new release works in your real-world designs.

We appreciate that you continue to choose our software for your designs, and we strive to continue to bring new functionality to our software that allows our users to build successful projects. Happy Holidays from AutoSPRINK!

Parts Profile
The Parts Profile allows users to create a list of specific devices to be used in a design. The parts profile saves users the burden of parsing through hundreds or thousands of parts in the design process. This new tool helps designers save time with efficient design.
Fab Cloud
The Fab Cloud allows designers to upload, track, edit, and send fab jobs to registered AutoSPRINK FAB Fabricators. Designers can use the Fab Cloud to find, correspond, and collaborate with fabricators. The Fab Cloud Pane is shared between FAB and AutoSPRINK, so updates can be tracked in both programs.
Training Pane
The Training Pane allows users enrolled in a training class to access training materials within the AutoSPRINK interface. Users can download course CAD files, watch videos, and submit homework without ever leaving AutoSPRINK.
Export to PDF
The new Export to PDF option allows users to create a vector-based pdf where elements are snappable in PDF editors and text can be searched. Views and Symbols can be rendered as Texture on PDF so that multiple rendering styles can be used in the same PDF file.
Hanger Assemblies
Users can now create Hanger Assembly profiles. This allows users to set what hanger assemblies are placed by default when placing a single hanger from the Tools menu or using Automatic Hangers.
Passive Ortho
Pipes now automatically snap into an orthographical position when the cursor is close to an X, Y, or Z axis.
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