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Here is what AutoSPRINK® users say about the drawings they produce:

Alex Francese, Owner APF Fire Protection, Inc. of Lagrangeville, NY:

"It really is a good feeling when you can sit down and complete a work task having fun with it. I never thought that could possibly happen. The program was the best investment that we have made in the 15 years we have been doing business. It gives us the confidence to be able to bid any job no matter what the size now, knowing the plans we submit to authorities are of the best quality and presence not only we have seen , but them also..."


Kurt Ruchala, PE, with FirePro - Andover, MA:

"AutoSPRINK® is very easy to use, very intuitive and easy to understand. Has increased productivity and efficiency. Find the automatic features a great asset and enjoy the ease of the hydraulics and making changes."


Steven A. Thomas, SET, with Cintas Fire Protection - Rhode Island:

"I've been using AutoSPRINK® for over a year and I love it; from the hydraulic calculations to the smooth listing process, there's no better computer-aid sprinkler design program. It takes a little getting use to in the beginning, but the training is top notch, and every time I've called or emailed Tech Support, they've either been able to help us right then, or have gotten back to us within 24 hours. It's very easy to export drawings to and from AutoCAD, which is handy when coordinating with other trades."


Ken Gwozdecki, CET, with Diamond Automatic Sprinkler, Inc. - Mt. Holly Springs, PA:

"AutoSPRINK® is the greatest tool I've ever seen. We have increased our design time by at least 50% in just 4 months; this is one of the best investments we have made. Training was a lot of fun and the trainer was most helpful. When you need support, it is like nothing I have ever seen."


Bill Schmidt, CET with Fire Design - Ohio:

"Greatest thing out there, I've increased my productivity by more than 30% in less than three months. The program is wonderful and fun to use. AutoSPRINK® gave me new drive and made my work fun again."


Steve Richey, Brown Sprinkler Corporation:

"Using the VR program I had my first job installed 100% to my drawing. The fitters loved it that they never cut a piece a pipe."


John Graham, M.B.A., Blazemasters Fire Protection:

"Based on my year here, I’d say that AutoSPRINK has allowed us to move up to the next level in terms of complexity of jobs, speed of design, and quality of presentation. Consulting engineers, code officials, and others talk about how clean our designs appear. "

"I don’t know if these are also contained in your competitors’ products, but the wizards, the pricing function, the interface with suppliers like Gem, and the modeling all seem like great additions to the basic package. "


Travis Mack, SET, MFP Design, LLC:

"I have now been using AutoSprink for nearly 30 months and honestly believe that my production is >200% more than HydraCAD."

"Some of the great features of the AutoSprink program are its calculations and listing programs. The AutoSprink list is the fastest and most accurate listing program I have seen to date. "

"Additionally, with the move toward 3D coordination in the design phase of larger projects, AutoSprink excels in this area as well. ...Since everything is already drawn in 3D, there is no other conversions required. It is as easy as it can be."

NOTE: These are excerpts from this user's comments. To read the entire letter, click here.


Cliff Whitfield, President, Fire Design, Inc.:

I want to thank you for “selling me” on the idea of trying the AutoSprink design software.

I was truly amazed at what I saw and was especially impressed with the hydraulic calculation procedure. Since purchasing the program in September of 2005 it has more than exceeded my expectations.

All I can say is that within 3 months of attending class my productivity had almost doubled even though I’m still not using many of the advanced commands that are supposed to increase productivity by another 40%...

NOTE: These are excerpts from this user's comments. To read the entire letter, click here.


Paul A. Basherian is the owner of Fire Design Specialties:

The information below is from an article published in the April, 2011 issue of FPC Magazine.

I have used AutoSPRINK exclusively as my fire sprinkler system design tool since 1999. I say exclusively because I do not use AutoCAD, Navis, or Revit. I have 28 years of design experience (seven years by hand, nine years with SprinkCAD, and the rest with AutoSPRINK).

I mainly design large projects that require BIM compliance and utilize Integrated Lean Project Delivery. Using AutoSprink has helped my business grow and enabled me to offer 3D modeling services to fire sprinkler, HVAC, electrical, and other contractors that have not yet made the transition to BIM.

NOTE: These are excerpts from this user's comments. To read the entire letter, click here.


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