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Product Downloads

 Welcome to M.E.P.CAD's downloads and updates section!


Here you can find helpful updates for many of M.E.P.CAD's software programs and 3rd party company programs.  Check back here regularly to make sure you have the latest downloads and updates.


System Recommendations  


AutoSPRINK Products




RVT users will need to first install this version of Crystal Reports for reports to display.


Crystal Reports 64-bit (Version 13.0.19)

RVT users will need to install this version of Access Database Engine.

Access Database Engine for 64-bit Please follow specific instructions

AutoSPRINK RVT 2016 (Version 1.1.38)

AutoSPRINK RVT 2017 (Version 1.1.38)

AutoSPRINK RVT 2018 (Version 1.1.38)


Revit 2013 Import-Export Add-In (Version


Revit 2014 Import-Export Add-In (Version


Revit 2015 Import-Export Add-In (Version 1.17.4)


Revit 2016 Import-Export Add-In (Version 1.17.5)


Revit 2017 Import-Export Add-In (Version 1.17.5)


Revit 2018 Import-Export Add-In (Version 1.17.5)



AutoSPRINK 12 (Version 12.0.61)

Victaulic Installation-Ready Fittings File and instructions for adding Victaulic installation ready fittings.



AutoSPRINK VR11 (Version 11.0.39)



AutoSPRINK VR10 (Version 10.0.59)


AutoSPRINK VR8 (Updated: 07/22/10 Version 8.1.11)


VR8 Patch Enables Estimating that should be recommended after running the AutoSPRINK VR8 installer

Instructions: Download and install the file AutoSPRINK VR8 Patch (Updated: 12/08/11)


AutoSPRINK VR7 Patch Everyone using VR7, and especially those calculating with Metric type pipes, should install this patch

Instructions: Download the file and save it to your desktop (or another selected location). Simply double-click the file and follow the instructions. You may then delete the downloaded file if you wish. The updated version of AutoSPRINK will now run normally. (Updated: 05/05/09)

AutoSPRINK VR5 Patch Provides compatibility with 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

Instructions: To install the update, download the .zip file, unzip it and run the "setup.exe" file. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the AutoSPRINK VR5 Patch. (Updated: 11/12/09)


AlarmCAD Products

Latest Version:


AlarmCAD 5 32-bit (Version 5.0.27)

AlarmCAD 5 64-bit (Version 5.0.27)

Past Version:


AlarmCAD 32-bit (Version 4.2.68)


AlarmCAD for AutoCAD:

AlarmCAD for AutoCAD 2016 64-bit (Version 5.0.27)

AlarmCAD for AutoCAD 2016 32-bit (Version 5.0.27)

AlarmCAD for AutoCAD 2015 64-bit (Version 5.0.27)

AlarmCAD for AutoCAD (AC4AC) 2013 32-bit (Version 1.11.48)

Other versions may be available, send inquiry to


AlarmCAD No-Key Instructions


AlarmCAD Parts Book Update Instructions


AlarmCAD User Symbols


AlarmCAD for AutoCAD User Symbols





Data Sheets:

Edwards & Vigilant


Detail Sheets:

Edwards & Vigilant


User Symbols:

ACSA Point-To-Point (P2P) * NOTE: This add-in is memory intensive and may cause your machine to run slower if you do not have enough memory. Recommended minimum is 4 GB.


AC4AC Point-To-Point (P2P) * NOTE: This add-in is memory intensive and may cause your machine to run slower if you do not have enough memory. Recommended minimum is 4 GB.


Borders & Plot Files * NOTE: This are generic files to use as templates for your custom borders and plot files.


3rd Party Patches, Drivers & Programs


Access Database Engine for 64-bit, if needed

Only for 64-bit install, if required, please follow specific instructions


Sentinel System Driver (Updated: 6/04/12)


DAO / Jet DB Utility Program (Updated: 8/16/04)


Microsoft® ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server® (Updated: 7/19/17)

Required to make use of the Cloud Database functionality across M.E.P.CAD products.


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